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Stop Nail Fungus Now

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Skin and Nail Conditions

In the middle of winter, you might not be stressing out too much about your fungal toenail infection. Sure, you might not be happy about your thick, yellowish, ragged nails either, but at least sandal weather is still several months away, right?

Actually, winter is probably the best time to think about finally getting the treatment you need for fungal toenails. Good treatment methods exist—more on that later—but they take time. It may be a few weeks to a couple of months before the fungus itself has been eradicated, and even at that point you will still need to wait for the damaged toenail to fully grow out and go away. While you may see marked improvement relatively quickly, the best results won’t be seen for months.

If you want your toenails looking great by the time spring and summer return to the Pacific Northwest, think about making the call to Wilks Foot Health Center today. We’re excited to offer a revolutionary and completely safe new treatment for fungal toenails that offers significantly better results than the old methods, while remaining highly affordable for our patients: Clearanail.

We’re the first in Oregon to use the system, which uses a computer-controlled needle to safely perforate the nail with microscopic holes. This allows topical sprays to bypass the protection the nail ordinarily offers to the fungus, attacking the infection at its source.

So don’t wait until those sandals are calling your name to think about getting help for your fungal toenails! Seek our help to stop your nail fungus now, while closed toed shoes and boots are still the footwear of choice. That’ll help ensure your nails look as good as possible when it’s time to show them off again!

You can make an appointment with Dr. Jason Wilks in Roseburg, OR by calling (541) 673-0742, or you can drop us a message online using our web contact form.