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Wilks Advanced Foot Care currently remains open under standard hours.

We continue to take measures for safer in-office appointments, including requiring a mask for entry and allowing you to wait in your car until you can be escorted to an exam room.

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Should my child see a podiatrist?

It is difficult to give a specific answer without knowing the symptoms and conditions that have developed, but a general guideline is to bring your child in to see us when he or she is experiencing any foot or ankle pain. Additionally, any abnormalities or impediments to normal foot function should be examined by our staff.

With regard to specific conditions, there are some common ones that can be effectively treated here at our Roseburg, OR podiatrist office. These include clubfoot, intoeing (and out-toeing), flatfoot, ingrown toenails, Sever’s disease, and sports injuries (sprains, fractures, etc.).

An important consideration when it comes to child foot care is that early intervention is often the best course of action to prevent long-term issues. Parents are generally quite relieved to find out that care for a majority of childhood foot issues is nonsurgical. Even better, our office can provide prevention tips, so the subject of whether your child should see a podiatrist doesn’t come up in the first place!

Contact the office of G. Jason Wilks, DPM by calling (541) 673-0742 and our staff will provide additional information and answer any questions you might have. We can help you schedule an appointment, or you can request one online today.

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