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Relief from Neuropathy Pain

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Nerve Pain

Peripheral neuropathy can turn your whole life upside down. This common neurological condition is often associated with diabetes, but it can develop for a wide variety of reasons, including smoking, alcohol abuse, illnesses, or exposure to toxins. Sometimes no explanation can be found at all.

Neuropathy symptoms can vary widely, but the most common is general pain in the lower limbs that may feel like a tingling, prickling, burning, shocking, or freezing sensation. This discomfort may come and go or be always present, and may seem to have no obvious source. In reality, what’s going on is that the nerves in your lower limbs are damaged, and the electrochemical signals that are supposed to travel to and from the brain are getting mixed up, corrupted, or not reaching their intended destination at all.

If this situation describes you, it’s important to realize that you can get help. Although the damage to nerves is not always reversible, the symptoms are treatable thanks to a variety of new treatment methods, and the conditions that lead to neuropathy—such as diabetes—can usually be managed successfully to prevent neuropathy damage from worsening.

Peripheral Neuropathy

At Wilks Advanced Foot Care, our patients are achieving good success and finding relief for their neuropathy pain thanks to a combination of more traditional medications and advanced laser therapy using our MLS laser system. This incredible tool uses beams of light to facilitate and energize natural cellular activity, which offers many benefits for neuropathy sufferers—increased blood flow, release of chemicals that reduce pain, and in many cases even repair and regrowth of the damaged nerve tissue. This can not only take away your neuropathy pain, but actually improve your overall nerve function, too.

At the same time, we will prescribe appropriate medications known to relieve neuropathy symptoms. We will also provide any additional treatment, guidance, or referrals you might need to gain control of any underlying conditions causing your neuropathy in the first place, such as diabetes.

We are extremely excited to offer this advanced set of treatment protocols to our patients throughout Oregon—especially long-term neuropathy sufferers who may have been told, for years, that little could be done for their condition. To schedule an appointment with our team in Roseburg, OR, please complete a contact form (we’ll get in touch shortly thereafter to confirm) or give us a call at (541) 673-0742