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Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms and Prevention

Oct 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

As with any condition, the first step in being able to resolve peripheral neuropathy (damaged nerves) is being aware a problem exists. Doing so will enable you to take measures to manage the condition and understand when it’s time to see us for professional treatment. This means it’s important to recognize neuropathy symptoms.

Symptoms of damaged peripheral nerves include:

  • A gradual onset of tingling and/or numbness that originates in the feet, but then might spread upward into the legs
  • Burning, sharp, or jabbing pain
  • Falling, tripping, or other issues due to lack of coordination
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Muscle weakness and even paralysis when the motor nerves are affected

It can be rather concerning to experience any of these symptoms and realize that you have neuropathy, but the good news is that this condition can be treated. There are various methods that we might use to address painful symptoms and even restore damaged nerves.

Sometime patients ask if it is possible to prevent nerve damage. We are happy to reply that not only is it possible, some of the measures come with other health benefits that can improve your overall wellness!

Some of the key steps to prevent neuropathy include:

  • Monitoring blood sugar levels. This is particularly important for diabetic individuals, who are at heightened risk for serious medical complications that can result from neuropathic conditions.
  • Staying physically active. It is important to check with us and your physician to determine appropriate levels of physical activity, but regular exercise leads to enhanced circulation, which is necessary for healthy nerves.
  • Quitting smoking. This habit can lead to nerve damage, but quitting has many additional health benefits.
  • Medical consultation. The best way to create an action plan for keeping the nerves in your lower body healthy is to stop in and see our specialists. We can evaluate your situation and work with you to develop a plan that works for you.

The hope at Wilks Advanced Foot Care is that you are able to prevent peripheral neuropathy from developing in the first place. There are clearly certain measures you can take to reduce the risk, but it’s virtually impossible to guarantee will not develop for some reason or other. If this does happen in your lower limbs, you will find comfort in the fact we offer the neuropathy treatment you need.

Whether you would like additional information on nerve damage prevention or need to schedule your appointment for our Roseburg, OR office, contact us today. You can either give us a call at (541) 673-0742 or reach us through our online form.