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Wilks Advanced Foot Care currently remains open under standard hours.

We continue to take measures for safer in-office appointments, including requiring a mask for entry and allowing you to wait in your car until you can be escorted to an exam room.

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Can orthotics help my foot pain when I run?

The right pair of orthotics for the right person, selected with assistance from a trained podiatrist, can significantly reduce your foot pain when you run. As a result, you can train harder without getting fatigued, and improve your distances and race times.

That said, did you see the key points above? It needs to be the right pair, for a person who really needs them. Orthotics have become something of a fad in parts of the running community, and with hundreds of over-the-counter inserts available, picking the right support can be confusing. The wrong pair could even be counterproductive, and many runners who don’t really need shoe inserts (custom or otherwise) use them anyway—something we don’t recommend.

If you find that foot pain is holding you back from running as much (or as well) as you’d like, stop in and see Dr. Jason Wilks in Roseburg, OR. He’ll examine your feet carefully and help determine whether a prefabricated or custom orthotic insert may benefit you—and if so, which type. You can request an appointment online, or give us a call at (541) 673-0742.

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