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Wilks Advanced Foot Care currently remains open under standard hours.

We continue to take measures for safer in-office appointments, including requiring a mask for entry and allowing you to wait in your car until you can be escorted to an exam room.

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How can I speed up injury recovery?

Recovering from an injury to the feet or ankles often requires some degree of rest, which can be frustrating for active individuals. We want to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible, too.

In order to make the recovery process as short as possible, it’s important to take rehab seriously and trust your doctor’s treatment plan. If you’re feeling a lot better but haven’t been cleared for full activity yet, don’t jump the gun—this often causes setbacks.

Take good care of your body while you recover. That means eating healthy and drinking lots of water, which boosts your body’s ability to regenerate. You should also avoid smoking or alcohol, which slow the recovery process.

For certain injuries, we offer a treatment option called MLS laser therapy, which uses beams of light to stimulate faster tissue healing at the site of an injury. This is often a great option for patients with inflammatory conditions.

Let the experts at Wilks Advanced Foot Care help you get back in the game after an injury to your feet or ankles. Give us a call in Roseburg, OR for an appointment at (541) 673-0742.