March Madness and Heel Pain

Spring is finally here, and so is the excitement of March Madness. The season is well underway, and basketball fans across the nation are looking forward to the tournament finals. Indeed, this year’s games were full of upsets and memorable moments. And we certainly...

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Fungal Nails

For a lot of us, winter season is more of a blessing than anything else. Whenever the snow starts to fall, then we are finally able to easily hide our embarrassing fungal toenails from the world. Bring on the thick socks and heavy boots – we will make sure this ugly...

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Understanding Neuromas

Putting aside the fact living wouldn’t be possible in the first place, your life would be rather dull without your nerves. After all, you wouldn’t be able to feel, see, touch, taste, or smell anything—and those senses obviously contribute greatly to the human...

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